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More WordPress Fun

Two more videos in the can (is that the right terminology?) and these move on from the first video but still add more details for those looking to improve your blogging skills.... Read more

There’s More To WordPress Blogging

This is the first of a few quick blogs to increase your knowledge of blogging in WordPress and hopefully give you some insights in getting the most out of your template and it’s inbuilt functionality.... Read more
You may initially ask yourself what’s the difference between a website for a startup and one created for an established company, I suppose the short answer is money and time. Most startups have limited time and money but need to start building a presence as soon as they can.... Read more
First I need to get the admission out of the way, I was wrong and I never gave this enough thought. I’m very sorry and going to put it right and this blog is step one of my restitution.... Read more
More and more people are creating their own websites and although that’s potentially less work for me I’m all for it. There is, however, a disturbing side effect of hairdressers, mechanics and other people with actual skills dabbling in the arty farty world of web design.... Read more
Tagging your links is a boring and time-consuming task but it’s also necessary in order to see if your marketing efforts are paying off. With UtmTag you can define your own presets for generating links that are correctly tagged with UTM codes.... Read more
When you’re creating your blogs it’s natural that you’d want to use an application that you’re familiar with, so occasionally you may want to layout your blog in Word or even take it from a post that you have previously posted on Facebook but this can cause some issues in WordPress.... Read more
We all lead very busy lives and often we don’t have time to sit through a video that can sometimes seem like the producer has made it long enough to justify the time it takes to make the video.... Read more
It’s time to start the search for experts, searching for those who have it in them to share their hard earned knowledge for nothing more than the satisfaction of paying it forward (and a cup of coffee).... Read more
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