Web Consultant

Andy Paddock is a Salisbury Based Web Professional with over ten years experience in one of the UK's largest web solution providers.

Proficient in: HTML, CSS, Windows Share Point Admin, Google Analytics, WebTrends (managed account of 24,000,000 page views), Deploying iOS in the enterprise, Mailing List Administration (currently handle lists in excess of 90,000 subscribers).

  • Book a Coffee Shop Consultation
  • iOS in the Enterprise Professional
  • Skilled in ie6 and responsive design

What's keeping me busy

I'm kept very busy at work leading the majority of web development and managing the output from our developers

  • Recently created an App store to deliver our enterprise apps..
    • Android Apps
    • iOS Apps
    • Mobile Sites
  • Our new App store is built using responsive design and our flag ship product is due a change soon.
    • Cross-Browser
    • Mobile Optimised
  • We have over 90,000 registered accounts and we are in the process of refreshing the login process.
    • Single Sign On
    • One time links
    • Account admin


Aptitude, Competence, Proficiency, Expertise.


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